3rd International Conference on Sodium Batteries

3rd International Conference on Sodium Batteries

Geelong Australia, 7th – 9th December 2016


Welcome to the 3rd International Sodium Battery Conference! The conference is a multidisciplinary forum focusing on novel sodium battery materials and components and their applications in renewable energy and energy storage systems. The annual international conference is the third scientific meeting on sodium batteries established as a technical and collaborative forum to bring together technical, policy, and government experts in battery science and engineering, as a next-generation energy storage technology for "Beyond Li-ion" battery chemistries.

After successful meetings in Spain (2014) and USA (2015), this year's conference goal is to assess and communicate the current understanding and benchmark state-of-art science in this developing field. The conference will be an opportunity to review the most recent advances in new battery materials, new electrochemical applications and the fundamental understanding, and the practical and emerging applications of sodium batteries in this important field.   

This conference will see leading scientists and engineers communicate their work to both the next generation of researchers as well as to industry, and inspire us to continue making the scientific and technological breakthroughs needed to create the new health and energy solutions that improve people’s lives. The conference will feature many of prominent international speakers and guests from a range of diverse backgrounds in research and academia. Please refer to the 'Invited Speakers' page for more details. Presentations will cover both the fundamental and applied aspects of advanced sodium batteries. We hope it will bring newcomers to this emerging and significant field.

The topics covered will include:

  • Battery materials 
  • Materials designs and interactions
  • New battery chemistries
  • Characterisation and testing techniques
  • Development and commercialisation.

Deakin University is proud to be hosting this year's conference in Geelong, Australia, the home of Deakin and gateway to the world famous Great Ocean Road. We hope you enjoy hearing about and contributing to discussion of exciting new science, catching up with colleagues and making new collaborations, and take time out to enjoy the lovely scenery and ambience the Geelong waterfront and surrounds have to offer.

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